Fostering Camaraderie Through Sports

Basketball, just like other sports, has a positive influence on different aspects of our lives. It benefits our health, social skills, self-confidence, discipline, leadership, teamwork and camaraderie. Basketball is also the most popular sport among Filipinos. It can be played anytime, anywhere, in the streets, in the fields, in the schoolyards, a fancy gym or a professional arena.

About Us

The Pilipino Basketball Association of South Florida, PBASF, holds annual basketball tournaments for Filipino-Americans residing in South Florida, specifically in the Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties. It continuously brings families and friends together. And it has been participated in by different Filipino-American organizations and businesses, and by men, women and kids in their own divisions.


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2015 Team Registration Form

All teams should fill out and submit their rosters before the start of their second game


2015 Player Release and Waiver of Liability

All players should fill out, sign and submit their release and waiver of liability, and Hollywood emergency information and release form before they start playing in any of their games.


Hollywood Emergency Information and Release Form

Remember, "No waiver, no play!"


Rules and Regulations

(Updated during the June 18, 2016 Meeting)



  • Player must be a resident of South Florida (from Port Saint Lucie down to Key West).

  • Player must present a valid Florida ID or driver's license.

  • Player must be at least 25% Filipino to be eligible to play.

  • A player who is not 100% Filipino should present proper documentation of ethnicity and lineage (eg. birth certificate and/or parent's birth certificate, passport, naturalization citizenship certificate, etc.)

  • PLEASE NOTE: All documents will be subject to verification with the issuing agency or source.

Age Specifications

  • Executive Division (was born in 1963 or earlier)

  • Masters Division (was born in 1971 or earlier)

  • Senior Division (was born in 1981 or earlier)

  • Open Division

  • Junior Division (18 years old and younger)

  • Mini Junior Division (14 years old and younger)

  • Peewee Division (10 years old and younger)

  • Women's Division

Special Considerations

  • PBASF acknowledges that special considerations have to be made for players with less proficient skills, are inexperienced, or have medical conditions. These players may participate in a division that suits their circumstances, but is subject to the approval of the PBASF Board of Directors.

  • "JC Rules" apply to Executive, Masters and Senior division players with special considerations.

  • "Grandfathering" applies to players who have participated in the Junior and Mini-Junior divisions during the 2015 PBASF Basketball Tournament.


  • The tournament fee, determined by the number of teams and game schedule, will be announced by the league to the team coaches and managers. This tournament fee is non-refundable.

  • All application forms and waivers must be signed by each player, and submitted before the start of the tournament. "No waiver, no play."

  • Final rosters are due before the team's second game. Teams cannot modify their rosters beyond their second game.

  • Players must play a minimum of two games to be eligible for the playoffs. In case a player, for medical reasons (fractures, surgeries, illness or injury), cannot meet this minimum number of games, he or she should present a doctor's note or medical medical certificate.

Game Schedules

  • The games are played on Sundays (and on certain Saturdays, as needed) starting June 26, 2016 to November 30, 2016, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Washington Park Community Center in Hollywood.

  • Refer to the season schedule for more details.

Rules for Play

  • The games will be played according to High School (NFHS) Rules.

  • The size of the ball for the Peewee Division should have a circumference of 27 inches.

  • Master's, Senior, Open, Junior, Mini-Junior and Women's division teams must use a standard men's size ball with a circumference of 29 inches.

  • Mini-Junior, Peewee and Women's division teams should play defense starting at half-court. Full-court press is not allowed in the Mini-Junior, Peewee and Women's divisions.

Length of Games

  • Master's, Senior, Open, Junior, Mini-Junior and Women's teams will play two 20-minutes halves.

  • Peewee teams will play four 8-minute quarters.

  • Refer to the game schedules for more details.


  • Each team will be given two time-outs for each half and one extra time-out can be used for either half.

  • One time-out will be available for overtime.

  • Time-outs to replace injured or disqualified players will not be charged.

Time Clock Violation

  • Shot clock rules will be implemented starting the playoffs.

  • Teams will be allowed ten seconds to cross mid-court, and thirty seconds to shoot.

Tournament Format

  • STILL TO BE DETERMINED. This will depend on the number teams participating per division. [During the regular season, teams will play a double round-robin schedule.]

  • In case of a tie, the following tie breakers will apply: better head-to-head record, then better points-for-and-points-against record.

Playoff Format

  • Seeding of teams are based on the results of the regular season.

  • STILL TO BE DETERMINED. This will depend on the number teams participating per division. [A single-elimination or knockout tournament is played until the championship game.]

Maximum Number of Players

  • Each team should have a maximum of fifteen players.

  • Each team lineup is deemed final at the start of their second game.


  • On their scheduled games, teams are given ten minutes to report with a minimum of five players.

  • Teams failing to report will be declared losers by default. This type of loss will count as 1.5 points which will be counted against the team in a tie breaker.

Punching and Fighting

  • Violent acts of any nature will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.

  • Players involved in altercations will be ejected and/or suspended.

  • Any player who throws a punch, whether or not it connects, will be ejected and will be suspended for the rest of the tournament.

  • If a player is joined by one or more players in a brawl, the whole team will be ejected and will be suspended for the rest of the tournament.

  • Tournament fees of suspended teams will not be refunded.

  • Parents, family members and spectators who get involved in any form of physical altercation will be escorted out of the facility.


  • Verbal altercations, cursing or blaspheming an official, and unsportsmanlike conduct will be administered as two technical fouls.

  • A player who commits two technical fouls in a game will be ejected and suspended on his next game.

  • Parents, family members and spectators who get involved in any form of verbal altercation will be escorted out of the facility.


  • Only coaches or players on the court are allowed to approach the scorers and table officials for inquiries.

  • Inquiries can be made only during a dead ball.

  • Questions or complaints will not be entertained by the officials while the ball is at play.


  • The PBASF Commissioner and PBASF President will have direct control and supervision over the games.

  • Issues and concerns that arise in between and after the games will be reviewed and decided on by the PBASF Commissioner, PBASF President and PBASF Board of Directors.

Rule Changes

  • Any changes in the rules and regulations, and any pertinent information shall be announced by the PBASF Commissioner and/or PBASF President.


  • Team coaches are assigned the full responsibility of supervising the behavior of their team. It is assumed that coaches make their players aware of PBASF's Rules and Regulations.

  • It is expected that team coaches maintain the proper documents, copies of IDs, and/or copies of school-issued report cards (for Juniors, Mini-Juniors and Peewees) and have it with them at all times for verification purposes.

Smoking, Alcoholic Drinks and Illegal Drugs

  • Absolutely no smoking, no drinking of any type of alcohol, and absolutely no using of illegal drugs in the gym.

  • Players and guests caught will be reported to the police and will be banned from entering the facility permanently.

Game Schedules

Game Schedules

13 November 05, 2017
10AM00 Mercedes Benz VS 00 MB Systems Junior
11AM00 Pino Posse VS 00 Tune Squad Open
12PM00 OptimaLink VS 00 Younger Blood Master
2:30PM00 WOW VS 00 Avengers Women's
3:30PM00 Golden Crusaders VS 00 Sunshine Realty International Executive
4:30PM00 Horizon VS 00 Manila Grill Master
5:30PM00 K-Charity VS 00 Mario Bros Junior


Board of Directors


The teams currently participating in this year's tournament are:

Women's Division Teams

0 0
Avengers 5 1
J & A Fil-Am 2 4
WOW 2 4

Peewee Division Teams

Fil-Am Ministries 49 0
Lutong Pinoy / PBASF 0 -49

Mini Junior Division Teams

PBASF 0 -19
TFC 19 0

Junior Division Teams

K-Charity 0 8
Mario Bros 5 4
MB Systems 9 0
Mercedes Benz 3 5

Open Division Teams

Diesel Enterprise 2 8
Mario Bros 7 3
Pino Posse 9 1
South Skwad 1 9
Tune Squad 8 2
Young Blood 3 7

Master's Division Teams

Horizon 6 3
Manila Grill 6 3
OptimaLink 2 7
Younger Blood 4 5

Executive Division Teams

Golden Crusaders 1 7
Sunshine Realty International 7 0
Youngest Blood 3 4


Here are some photos of PBASF

PBASF Photos


PBASF Photos


PBASF Photos


PBASF Photos


PBASF Photos


PBASF Photos


PBASF Photos


PBASF Photos


PBASF Photos





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